college football TV schedule

College football on TV Week 8 Schedule….yes it will have to be edited later

We are almost at the halfway point of the college football season.  Plenty of huge games left.  Luckily, for the most part, we can see them all in this neck of the woods.  Also, Bell likes to “surprise” us with their U.S. College Sports package listings.  You know, despite the fact that Rogers sends theirs out at least a week in advance.  I like Fibe TV but this is fucking ridiculous.  Ok the cable schedule first (for now):

Thursday Miami at North Carolina 7:30 PM TSN2
Thursday Findlay at Ohio Dominican 8:00 PM CBSSN
Saturday Florida at Missouri 12:00 PM ABC/Peachtree
Saturday Purdue at Michigan State 12:00 PM BTN
Saturday Colgate at Holy Cross 12:00 PM CBSSN
Saturday Georgia at Vanderbilt 12:00 PM CBS
Saturday TCU at Oklahoma State 12:00 PM FOX
Saturday Syracuse at Georgia Tech 12:30 PM WSBK
Saturday Iowa at Ohio State 3:30 PM ABC
Saturday Indiana at Michigan 3:30 PM BTN
Saturday Auburn at Texas A&M 3:30 PM CBS
Saturday North Texas at Louisiana Tech 3:30 PM CBSSN
Saturday USC at Notre Dame 7:30 PM NBC
Saturday Wisconsin at Illinois 8:00 PM BTN
Saturday Nevada at Boise State 8:00 PM CBSSN
Saturday Florida State at Clemson 8:00 PM ABC

Quite the good schedule this week.  I am utterly perplexed at the Florida-Missouri game being listed for both ABC and Peachtree.  Normally I would say it will end up on Peachtree and that’s that.  But this has become a huge game thanks to the Tigers fast start.  I still think it ends up on Peachtree but then there may not be a noon ABC game (which is usually the norm).  Other than that, FSU-Clemson is a must-watch.  Iowa-OSU is also big given the Hawkeyes penchant for pulling out upsets over ranked teams.  Other than that, a solid schedule on cable.  Specialty package schedules next up:

Friday UCF at Louisville 8:00 PM 440 480
Saturday Connecticut at Cincinnati 12:00 PM 440 480
Saturday South Carolina at Tennessee 12:00 PM 438 478
Saturday SMU at Memphis 12:00 PM 441
Saturday Florida at Missouri 12:00 PM 442
Saturday Minnesota at Northwestern 12:00 PM 439 479
Saturday BYU at Houston 3:30 PM 440 480
Saturday Maryland at Wake Forest 3:30 PM 439 479
Saturday Oklahoma at Kansas 3:30 PM 438 478
Saturday Iowa State at Baylor 7:00 PM 440 480
Saturday Arkansas at Alabama 7:00 PM 438 478
Saturday LSU at Ole Miss 7:00 PM 439 479
Saturday Oregon State at Washington State 10:30 PM 439 479

Yes, what you are seeing is only the Rogers listing.  I figured I might as well put up something now.  Chances are most of the same games will end up on Bell Fibe and Satellite, with one or two exceptions.  I am getting a bit tired of Bell waiting to send out their schedules as they should know by now what they will be putting on the channels they have that are EXCLUSIVE to college football broadcasts.  I am assuming we would get some info tonight on that but who knows with Bell.  Frustrating to say the least.  Updates are sure to follow!

Update #1: Yes I am numbering the updates since I assume there will be a few.  There is STILL no update to the U.S. College Sports Package football schedules for this weekend.  Then again, I am not at home so I can’ t look at my own guide so they may be up on personal guides but not on any website.  Saying that, this is crazy.  Completely unacceptable on Bell’s part.  I’ll keep you all posted…

Update #2: First things first, what was I thinking? The last game of the night is Oregon State at California, not at Mike Leach’s funtime Cougars.  Secondly, Bell finally has schedules up.  I am not even giving them the dignity of re-doing the schedule above to include them.  Not happy and I won’t give them more than a minute or so of my time.  Anyway, all the games that Rogers has, Fibe and Satellite both have as well, with the exception of BYU-Houston for some reason.  So there you go.  Maybe next week they won’t wait until the last minute like some university student doing a big project.  Enjoy the games tomorrow!


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