College Football

Recap of Week 7 in College Football, powered by Sportsnet. I don’t know why they would since they never air anything college football-related

If it wasn’t for Gameday showing on the Sportsnet family of networks (I hate using that term for Rogers Sportsnet), they would have very little college football-related programming period.  Considering they have a raging hard-on for baseball, it perplexes me why they even bother saying they have college football on before Halloween.  Because they clearly would choose baseball over anything which is fine.  Just don’t call yourselves a comprehensive sports network when you refuse to budge off one or two sports in your coverage.

Whew, I am tired after that rant.  OK recapping time!

A Couple of Sweet Games

For those of you who didn’t see either the Michigan-Penn State game or the Texas A&M-Ole Miss thriller right after that, you missed two games that exemplify what college football is all about: hype, a close game, the potential for overtime, and many mistakes.  Yes, the Wolverines-Nittany Lions game doesn’t go four overtimes without some field goal tomfoolery.  I get the idea of stress but Brendan Gibbons is supposedly a Groza Award finalist in the making.  Missing a field goal inside 35 yards just shouldn’t happen unless it’s weather-related.  It shows why very few college football kickers do (and should) make the NFL.  Saying all that, both games were very exciting and fun to watch.  It’s the reason I (along with many others without an FBS affiliation of any kind) watch college football.

Upset City

The amount of ranked teams that lost this weekend was the most in a long time.  Let’s go through the list:

  • #5 Stanford loses 27-21 to Utah
  • #7 Georgia loses 41-26 to #25 Missouri
  • #17 Florida loses 17-6 to #10 LSU
  • #12 Oklahoma loses 36-20 to Texas
  • #18 Michigan loses 43-40 in 4OT to Penn State
  • #19 Northwestern loses 35-6 to Wisconsin

OK so Florida’s loss wasn’t exactly an upset.  But we have to include some close calls for #9 Texas A&M, #20 Texas Tech, and #23 Northern Illinois.  Wasn’t exactly a peachy time for the ranked teams this weekend.  Also, to be perfectly honest, Northwestern was annihilated and showed it wasn’t quite ready for Big Ten supremacy and Mack Brown’s Longhorns killed the Sooners (despite the final score), showing they are still the prohibitive favourite in the Big XII until someone dethrones them (despite the fact I knocked them out of my Fiesta Bowl prediction….I’m an idiot).

End Game

Let’s look at some quick predictions through Week 7.  Maybe I won’t fuck these up.  Maybe…

BCS National Championship: The final BCS title game I have to change the prediction for.  No way Georgia’s Bulldogs can make it there.  So who does now?  I am sticking with Ohio State as one of my choices.  I can’t see them losing the rest of the way and I think they will kind of back in to the title game due to the fact they may be the only undefeated team left other than…Louisville.  The same Cards team who will not make it to the title game due to their horrendously FCS-riffic schedule.  Now I am picking Alabama to meet the Buckeyes here.  I figured they would lose to Texas A&M and that’s it until the SEC Championship.  Since that didn’t happen, Bama should run the table and win the SEC title, landing here.

Orange Bowl: I still stand by my choice of Clemson winning the ACC.  If they defeat the Noles this coming Saturday, then it’s probably smooth sailing for the Tigers.  My other choice also stays as Louisville.  Not the chic pick to be sure but since the Orange will have the first selection of at-large teams, they will not ignore the undefeated Cards.

Sugar Bowl: The SEC will send their second selection to this one.  I still stand by South Carolina making it here as the second SEC choice.  After they laid waste to Arkansas, this team looks for real.  Now if only Clowney could stop being so lazy…as for the other pick, I had Florida State with my other pick.  I still see them getting back into the top 10 after their loss to Clemson so they will land here.

Fiesta Bowl: OK.  I admit it.  I messed up.  Texas, welcome back to the Fiesta Bowl prediction slot.  I shouldn’t have doubted you.  Never again…..until you lay another egg and then you are gone to the Armed Forces Bowl (no offense to the Armed Forces Bowl).  I had Oregon here but they won’t be (wait for the next section….oh the mystery).  This will be tough as there’s no real spot here for a BCS team.  I am not going to make a sure prediction here.  I will say UCLA is my favourite to end up here.  If they only lose one game and then the Pac-12 title game then they probably are ranked high enough to land here.  Another loss and they are toast and their spot goes to Fresno State or Northern Illinois.  The Bulldogs control their own destiny with this.  They run the table and they are here.

Rose Bowl: Stanford has to be replaced now.  I figured they would have the upper hand against Oregon later in the year in their match on the farm.  I can’t see that happening now.  The Cardinal does not look nearly as dominant as many (including myself) thought they would be and Oregon looks WAY more dominating than I thought they would be.  So the Ducks now go here.  The other pick comes from the Big Ten.  Ugh.  Northwestern has no shot now and all the other teams seem to be doing their best not to go here.  Hey guess what fans?  Chances are you will see, yes, Wis-freaking-consin AGAIN here this year.  No Bielema, no problem (with him stealing your lunch in Wisconsin).  Gary Andersen will get this team there, somehow, and possibly with three or four losses.  Oregon has to be salivating at the thought of this.

So there we go, those predictions should last a week until one of the aforementioned ten teams shit the bed and force me to change my mind.  Now I know what Jerry Palm goes through…sort of.


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