college football TV schedule

The specialty pack schedules….FINALLY!

Alright, I have finally gathered the information for the specialty packs for Saturday.  It really shouldn’t take until Thursday night for this info to come out.  Rogers usually has it out at least 5 days in advance.  Bell just doesn’t get it sometimes.  Alright here we go:

Bell Fibe Bell Sat Rogers SSP
Saturday USF at Connecticut 12:00 PM 393 393 441
Saturday South Carolina at Arkansas 12:00 PM 394 394 442
Saturday Indiana at Michigan State 12:00 PM 391 391 1536 439 479
Saturday Pittsburgh at Virginia Tech 12:00 PM 392 1464 392 1537 440 480
Saturday Missouri at Georgia 12:00 PM 438 478
Saturday Virginia at Maryland 3:30 PM 392 1464 392 1537 440 480
Saturday Boston College at Clemson 3:30 PM 439 479
Saturday Michigan at Penn State 5:00 PM 438 478
Saturday Gardner-Webb at Coastal Carolina 6:00 PM 393 393 441
Saturday Alabama at Kentucky 7:00 PM 391 1463 391 1536 439 479
Saturday Georgia Tech at BYU 7:00 PM 392 1464 392 1537 440 480
Saturday Stephen F. Austin at SE Louisiana 8:00 PM 394 394 442
Saturday Texas A&M at Ole Miss 8:30 PM 438 478
Saturday Oregon State at Washington State 10:30 PM 392 1464 392 1537 440 480
Saturday California at UCLA 10:30 PM 1536 439 479

Not a bad schedule.  Again, quite a bit of choice.  I kind of wish that some of the FS1 and FSN games could be shown as well but sometimes Rogers and Bell are loath to even show all the ESPN network of games so maybe I shouldn’t push it too much.  And as for Rogers showing more games than Bell, realize that three of those “extra” games are being shown on TSN2 tomorrow.  So for the most part, the schedule is the same among all three with a few small differences.  What I find interesting this week is the absolute dearth of games on mid-afternoon.  Usually that’s the high point in terms of amount of games on a college football weekend.  Not so tomorrow.

Anyway, in terms of games of note, Texas A&M-Ole Miss is basically an elimination game of sorts: the loser has no chance of winning the SEC West if they lose.  Chances are they won’t win the division if they win the game either, but that has more to do with Evil Saban and the Crimson Tide Juggernaut Machine than anything else.  Missouri-Georgia is a huge game that will show if Missouri has joined the Aggies as SEC newcomers to fear or if Georgia can continue their difficult climb back to the SEC Championship game.  Finally, OSU-WSU should be fun for late night.  I can see a high score in this one and this could be the game that makes people take notice of Mike Leach’s Cougs.


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