College Football

No recap. That’s right, no recap. It sucks, yes I understand but there is nothing I can do.

You see, I was moving this past weekend and, other than the ten minutes that the tOSU-Northwestern game was on at a bar before they changed it to the late HNIC game, I watched absolutely no college football this past Saturday.  And it sucked.  Big time!  Checking out the scores last night (last night!) made me feel so out of the loop.  So instead of a recap (since it would make no point in recapping something I don’t see…we have the coaches’ poll for that) I will fill in the space with something I was planning on doing later on in the season.

And that was……PERFECT

Just because a team is undefeated this early in the season doesn’t mean they will run the table.  Hell, it’s the norm that there are usually one or even zero undefeated teams at the end of the year.  So the odds are slim…for some more than others.  Here’s my personal rankings of the undefeated teams left in the FBS for how they have played so far this season:

  1. Alabama (5-0): The Tide look so good right now.  And the catch made by DeAndrew White was ridiculous.  Physics still can’t explain it.  They should win their next three and go to 8-0 before they play LSU.  That game should pretty much determine who wins the SEC West.  I can’t see Bama even allowing the other six opponents to be very close the rest of the way.  Prediction: 12-0
  2. Oregon (5-0): Chip Kelly leaves and the high-octane offense doesn’t miss a beat.  This team is putting up points like crazy.  They also look solid defensively.  However, the rest of their Pac-12 schedule is LOADED with landmines.  I can’t see them coming out unscathed.  Prediction: 10-2
  3. Ohio State (6-0): I’d like to put tOSU higher since they were my preseason pick to win the whole thing this year.  Problem is they have looked a bit shaky, other than the stupidity of the Florida A&M game.  However, Urban Meyer has been winning games.  And I can see him continuing to win them for the rest of the regular season.  Yes, they still have Michigan and the possibility of an upset in B1G play but I can’t see it happening.  Prediction: 12-0
  4. Clemson (5-0): Better than advertised is what you could say about this Tigers team.  I figured they should pull out the ACC title for whatever it’s worth.  But Clemson is reaching higher.  They have the Noles and not much else before the Palmetto State battle against South Carolina.  I don’t see them winning both.  Prediction: 11-1
  5. Stanford (5-0): Another team that is looking stronger as the season goes on.  If anyone can unseat Oregon as the top team west of the Mississippi, it’s the Cardinal.  The game against Oregon will be massive, unless either of the teams fall victim to a huge upset.  Remember, they also have UCLA and Notre Dame still to deal with.  No perfection here, but close.  Prediction: 11-1
  6. Florida State (5-0): Famous Jameis is leading the Noles back to where they used to be…in the top 10, consistenly.  The problem for Jimbo and the crew is the schedule.  Other than Idaho near the end of the season, the Noles have a rough go of it, including Clemson, Miami, NC State, and Florida.  They won’t come out unscathed.  Prediction: 10-2
  7. Baylor (4-0): This team is fun.  They are the real-life version of a video game.  They play the way we would play the game…on the XBox or PlayStation.  Run a QB keeper on 4th and inches?  Nah.  All fly on 3, BREAK!  Problem is, their schedule makes Florida State’s look easy in comparison.  The lack of defense this team shows will catch up with them unfortunately and in a big way.  Prediction: 8-4
  8. Louisville (5-0): I have a feeling Charlie Strong wishes this 5-0 record were in the ACC and not the AAC.  Yes they are undefeated and Teddy Bridgewater (I will not use the nickname Teddy Ballgame, OK Rece Davis?) has looked impressive.  But their strength of schedule will hurt them dearly.  They will run the table I’m sure but unless they absolutely annihilate teams the rest of the way, they don’t come within sniffing distance of the national championship game.  Prediction: 12-0
  9. UCLA (4-0): Here’s a sneaky good team.  Jim Mora, Jr. has these Bruins motoring.  And with the relative collapses of USC and Arizona State, UCLA may have a clear path to the Pac-12 Championship game.  However, the Pac-12 schedule is rough this year with the amount of decent-to-great teams in the conference.  I see at least a couple losses the rest of the way.  Prediction: 9-3
  10. Oklahoma (5-0): Now that Texas and Oklahoma State have gagged in games, the Sooners have a good chance of winning the Big XII if they can get past Baylor.  However, you never know what will happen with the Red River Shootout and Bedlam.  They will have a tiny bit of trouble but could still come out of a tough Big XII to go to the Fiesta Bowl.  Prediction: 10-2
  11. Miami (5-0): The Canes may look like the worst undefeated BCS team out there if it wasn’t for the team in the #13 slot behind them.  They were lucky against Florida, and up until the Georgia Tech game, played a bunch of creampuffs.  No way this team runs the table.  Hell, I will be surprised if they win their division even with their great start.  Prediction: 9-3
  12. Texas Tech (5-0): Handsome Kliff Kingsbury and his Runnin Red Raiders are chucking the ball over the place and looking good doing it.  They still have an uphill climb for sure in this conference and, just like Baylor, the other teams will catch up to them.  Prediction: 8-4
  13. Michigan (5-0): Has there ever been a worse big-time undefeated school than this version of the Wolverines?  Crappy against Akron, horrible for three quarters against UConn.  If it wasn’t for the solid showing against Notre Dame, they may be farther down the list.  The B1G schedule isn’t kind to them and with Indiana, Michigan State, Northwestern, and Ohio State still to come, the Fighting Hokes are going to have a bit of a rough ride.  Prediction: 9-3
  14. Fresno State (5-0): I was so high on the Bulldogs and when they beat Boise State in a thriller I figured this would be the very last BCS-buster.  Then they almost blew a huge lead against Hawaii.  Ugh.  Now comes the issue: at this point they are not in the top 16 where they need to be.  Just like Louisville, they have to show no mercy the rest of the way to be ranked high enough.  Any slips and this team, even undefeated, would be left out of the BCS fun.  Prediction: 12-0
  15. Northern Illinois (5-0): And speaking of BCS busters, the Huskies have fairly quietly made their way to almost the halfway point undefeated.  Except for Ball State and Toledo in back-to-back weeks late in the season, Northern Illinois has no difficult games.  But just one upset loss and the train comes off the tracks, in terms of inclusion in the BCS again.  This team may be better than last year’s team but the voters will think twice before ranking them higher considering the backlash last year.  Prediction: 11-1
  16. Missouri (5-0): Really?  REALLY?  This surprises many.  The Tigers are one win away from bowl-eligibility and most (including me) thought they would struggle to even get to a bowl.  So congrats on that!  However, this team is in the SEC East.  Not a cakewalk by any means.  Of all the undefeated teams left, Missouri and Gary Pinkel will fall the hardest, sadly.  Prediction: 7-5
  17. Houston (4-0): Wow, almost forgot the Cougs.  No, not those Cougs.  Mike Leach doesn’t coach these guys.  These Cougs are relatively anonymous, play hard-nosed football and have thrived (so far) in a new conference.  Remember what I said about the fall of Missouri?  Scratch that.  Prediction: 6-6

Wow, 17 teams STILL undefeated at this point.  I predict that number will drop into the 13-14 range at least after this weekend.  However, I can honestly see as many as seven undefeated teams going into November which would be amazing.

Later on in the week I will have the TV schedules and I promise I won’t leave them until the last minute.  Promise.  I swear.  Seriously.


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