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Jerry Palm, Jerry Palm…where for art thou Jerry Palm?

OK I said I would re-do my bowl projections from earlier in the year.  Thank god very few people read this blog.  Otherwise every (and I mean fucking every) comment would be a hate comment directed towards me.  So this is how Jerry Palm feels….anyway, here are the updated projections with my originals.  If there was a change, then the original selections are in brackets (or parentheses for you English majors):

Bowl Projection #1 Projection #2
New Mexico Bowl Arkansas State (Washington) Utah State (Air Force)
Las Vegas Bowl Arizona (UCLA) Fresno State (Utah State)
Idaho Potato Bowl Western Kentucky (Wyoming) Ball State (Bowling Green)
New Orleans Bowl UL-Lafayette Tulane (North Texas)
Beef O’Brady’s Bowl Kent State (Toledo) Marshall
Hawaii Bowl San Jose State (SDSU) Tulsa
Little Caesar’s Pizza Bowl Louisiana Tech (Ark. St.) Bowling Green (Western Mich.)
Poinsettia Bowl Boise State (SJSU) Notre Dame (Ball St.)
Military Bowl Maryland (Syracuse) North Texas (East Carolina)
Texas Bowl Minnesota Texas Tech (Baylor)
Fight Hunger Bowl USC (Oregon St.) BYU
Pinstripe Bowl Kansas State (Texas Tech) Cincinnati (Rutgers)
Belk Bowl NC State (UNC) Rutgers (Cincy)
Russell Athletic Bowl Miami UCF
Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl Michigan Oklahoma State (Oklahoma)
Armed Forces Bowl Wyoming (Boise St.) Navy
Music City Bowl Vanderbilt North Carolina (Ga. Tech)
Alamo Bowl TCU (Okla. St.) Arizona State (Oregon)
Holiday Bowl Baylor (Kansas St.) UCLA (USC)
AdvoCare Bowl Middle Tennessee State (Ohio) Syracuse (NC State)
Sun Bowl Washington (Arizona St.) Georgia Tech (Va. Tech)
Liberty Bowl Ohio (New Mexico) East Carolina (La. Tech)
Chick-fil-A Bowl LSU Virginia Tech (Florida St.)
Gator Bowl Ole Miss Michigan State
Heart of Dallas Bowl Toledo (Arizona) Rice
Capital One Bowl Alabama Nebraska
Outback Bowl Florida Wisconsin
Rose Bowl Northwestern Stanford
Fiesta Bowl Oklahoma (Texas) Oregon (Fresno St.)
Sugar Bowl South Carolina Florida State (ND)
Cotton Bowl Texas A&M Texas (TCU)
Orange Bowl Clemson Louisville
BBVA Compass Bowl Missouri (Miss. St.) Houston (UConn)
GoDaddy Bowl Northern Illinois Troy (Toledo)
BCS National Championship Ohio State Georgia

OK some of the changes were needed here…badly.  And there were a lot, at this point.  I still don’t buy into the Iowa hype.  I am still pretty positive that they will not win more than one game the rest of the way.  Same goes for Auburn or Arkansas, or even Tennessee.  They still won’t win enough to go to a bowl this year.  Most of the moves come from teams I thought would be in the BCS moving out of those spots.  Texas is replaced by Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl and the teams kind of slide down the bowl ladder after that.  Maryland will sneak in despite the 4-0 start this season.  Fresno State will drop out of the BCS as it has shown it’s not quite Boise State material.  It’s not even Northern Illinois of last year material.  Taking their place will be Oregon, shut out of the Pac-12 Championship more than likely with a loss to Stanford.  Florida State replaces Notre Dame in the BCS since it looks like the Irish might struggle to even win 8 games.  Big shakeup in C-USA since I figured Louisiana Tech, Tulsa, and Marshall would all breeze into bowl games.  It is starting to look like Tulsa and Marshall will make lesser bowl games and Tech may not make it at all.  So, no, I didn’t remove Texas altogether and I didn’t shun USC to being at home for the holidays.  They will rebound.  But it won’t be pretty.  And the fan bases will not be happy, that is for sure.

Small blurb about tomorrow night: as far as I know, Texas and Iowa State will face off on SN360.  Then again, who knows what Rogers will do with that time slot.  They may opt to show a Buffalo Bisons game instead.  CBSSN gets Harding and Southern Arkansas out of D-II.  Western Kentucky and UL-Lafayette looks to be on the college football package.  Then on Friday, we get BYU-Utah State on CBSSN (not a bad game if you ask me) and Nevada-San Diego St. on the college football package (less of a good game).  And who knows what will happen to Air Force-Navy Saturday morning.  To have to postpone that game would be awful but it may happen.  Same with Army-Boston College.  Stay tuned and check out Twitter for updates on those games.

Update: Looks like the service academy games will be played as scheduled.  Which is good.  I love watching Commander-in-Chief trophy games.  On the other end of the spectrum, Sportsnet (yes, fucking Sportsnet) is showing playoff baseball again instead of the Thursday night ESPN game.  My issue isn’t with showing baseball over college football.  My issue is with the fact that Sportsnet 360 has the rights to these football games, yet continues to show something other than those games.  If that’s the case, don’t purchase the rights.  It’s that simple.  Doesn’t take a genius to think “Hey, maybe this company could save money by not buying something we will use about 45.5% of the time.”  Duh.


6 thoughts on “Jerry Palm, Jerry Palm…where for art thou Jerry Palm?

  1. As much as everyone would love to see as Texas/Texas A&M bowl game, I don’t think Mack’s boys will get far enough this year to warrant a TAMU match-up (I have Iowa St winning tonight). Fresno was my BCS buster and still is… don’t forget that they play in the MWC and don’t have much of a schedule left (save for maybe Nevada).

    It always pissed me off that SN360 would forego the Thursday night game from time to time – before I had the NCAA package I always counted on The Score airing that game. If they ever decide to skip Gameday I’ll lose my shit.

    1. It’s starting to look like the OU-Baylor game may decide the Big XII this season. And yes, Texas will be bowl-eligible but they could finish anywhere on the Big XII bowl pecking order really. I just wouldn’t be surprised that if Texas is available and A&M will be there that the Cotton Bowl officials skip over some very deserving teams to get the Horns.

      As for Fresno, they looked awful shaky beating a bad Hawaii team. They have three possible bumps in the road left: Nevada, a surprisingly good Wyoming team, and San Jose State to finish. They have to be better on defense or else their BCS hopes go up in smoke. No way they get to #16 with one loss this sason.

      Sportsnet having those rights is like the rights they have for the FOX college football broadcasts: great things to have but only if you use them. If Rogers wants SN to be a big-time baseball channel then that’s fine. Just don’t go out and buy rights to games you will never broadcast. And the whole broadcasting the FOX game of the week is ridiculous. FOX already shows it and everyone gets FOX. SN should show a FS1 game or FSN game that we don’t get here or don’t show a game at all.

      1. I didn’t know SN had Fox rights. 360 sometimes broadcasts WWE reruns on Saturday evenings so I can’t understand why they wouldn’t take the FS1 game. I guess it comes down to viewership and apparently more Canadians prefer WWE. Just seems that NCAA football would be a logical selection to follow CIS games on Saturday.

      2. Sportsnet has had the Fox college football rights for a year or so now (it may be more but I’m not sure). It’s funny when it comes to viewership. When a big college football game is on, some bars in this part of the country are packed. You’d think it was a huge HNIC game or World Cup game. Yet the numbers say that not as many Canadians watch college football. I don’t totally buy it but with no Canadian teams in the FBS, they can, in their minds, justify not showing it. It’s why you see a lot of curling. Because it’s Canadian.
        Yeah I think the logical course would be to put the CIS (mostly OUA) game on at noon. There are only a few CIS football programs that get good turnouts for games so it’s not like you’d have to beg to get the game moved up an hour. Then put a college football game on at 3:30 which leads into WWE programming starting at 7:00. A lot of viewers like WWE because Rogers has a ton of WWE programming. I think viewership for WWE is down from a decade ago to be perfectly honest but you wouldn’t know it from how Rogers handles the product.

  2. I tweeted that d-bag Greg Sansone last week about SN 360 not showing the Thursday night games. He replied that they’d be showing NCAA the next two weeks. So much for that, and so much for us suckers thinking that Rogers buying The Score would allow us to see even more live programming.

    1. That’s too bad. I like Sansone and I always enjoyed theScore (except for that red-headed idiot they shoved down our throats the last year or so before Rogers bought them).
      Anyway, Rogers seems to have favourites as to what they show on their Sportsnet channels. What bothers me is that they have the regionals (four of them), SN1 and now SN360, yet for some reason can’t put live sports on all three at the same time? Seems asinine. It’s the same thing I have said before. Can’t schedule it? Then don’t buy the rights to it. Seems simple. For Rogers, not so much.

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