College Football

Week 5 Recap sponsored by Verne and Gary….making big-time college football seem like MXC since 2006

Somehow those two get to call the big games.  I guess it helps getting what basically amounts to the SEC Game of the Week every week.  That ends next year thanks to our friends at ESPN and the SEC Network.

Anyway, recappin’ time!

I really love my PVR

Let’s start with the games I watched this week, since I was able to pick up some (mostly) good games to watch Saturday and Sunday morning  (hey a guy has to have a life outside of watching college football…yes, I understand that sounds crazy but bear with me)…

Techmo Bowl – Other than watching the Logan Thomas Variety Hour(s) (which sounds like a horrible 1950’s variety show), nothing else seemed particularly exciting about this game.  It seemed like the Ramblin’ Wreck was never in this one…at all.  Maybe Dancing Frank has his Hokies on the way back to the ACC Championship.

Mountain West Newbies – Watching Utah State and San Jose State was awesome and appalling all at once.  Chuckie Keeton looked awesome.  The Aggies are probably one upset away against Boise State from going to the inaugural Mountain West championship game.  David Fales looked awful though.  Actually the entire Spartan team and the fanbase did as well.  This is a pretty big game and they can’t draw flies in San Jose.  Even after a great season last year, nothing seems to help.  They may be clawing and scratching for bowl-eligibility the way this is going.

No, it’s not Alabama…no it’s not Auburn…keep guesssing – I was pleasantly surprised at how the South Alabama Jaguars of Mobile played the Vols this weekend.  This is the type of team that will, soon enough, reign supreme in their conference (in this case the Sun Belt) and then other conferences will start looking at poaching them to make their conference stronger.

Just possibly the game of the year (so far) – LSU and Georgia.  What an absolutely fantastic game!  Back and forth.  It’s what a college football classic should be…except for the fact Verne and Gary were calling it.  It just doesn’t seem as big-time with those two at the mic.

Just one big Slip n’ Slide – That was borderline painful watching Zona-Washington in the monsoon Saturday evening.  And even though the Fighting RichRods made it close for a bit, it didn’t seem like Keith Price et al would let them get close enough.  And they didn’t.

I was hoping for some wild Mike Leach action – Wow that sounds disgusting.  Anyway, I assumed it would be a shootout and that the Cougs would show a national audience what they’re truly made of.  And they did.  They suck.  Well, to be more accurate, everyone not named Connor Halliday sucks.  I feel bad for that guy.  Sucks being a pretty good QB on an awful team.

The rest

I am glad I resisted temptation and didn’t PVR Oklahoma-ND, tOSU-Wisky and/or ASU/USC.  All three games weren’t very close and were overhyped.  What would have been better was to see the Trojans’ AD firing Lane Kiffin at LAX.  Now, that would have been fun to watch.  Oh, and by the way, thanks a lot Kiffin.  My prediction of USC squeaking out the Pac-12 South just looks silly now thanks to you and your terrible coaching.  Maybe Al Davis wasn’t wrong about you.

If anyone is shocked with the news of Paul Pasqualoni’s firing, please stop watching college football forever.  You don’t deserve to.  UConn is awful.  They have only played three good QUARTERS this year.  Don’t let the smokescreen of keeping up with Michigan fool you.  UConn sucks this season.

I think later this week I should amend my bowl projections.  You know, bring out my inner Jerry Palm.  Since some of the teams I thought would dominate or be really good are anything but.  Thanks a lot Fresno State.  Even if they run the table, something tells me they shouldn’t be within sniffing distance of a BCS bowl.  Same goes for Texas (although they are almost finished anyway).

So coming up we have updated way-too-early bowl projections and TV schedules for next weekend.  I am moving this coming weekend so we will see how these posts play out.


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