College Football

Week 4 Recap (of sorts). Sorry, Louisville just scored three touchdowns in the time it took for you to read that first sentence.

Or Ohio State.  Or Baylor.  Or Miami.  You could have replaced Louisville with a few teams this past weekend.  And speaking of that…

A Trip in the Way-Back Machine

All the way back to a post I made earlier this year (like two weeks or so ago).  About scheduling with FCS schools.  I thought it would still be a good idea but that they should be restricted to September (or late-August).  None of this late-season FCS breather for a top 10 team.  But now, it is evident that there is becoming a wide gap between the good teams and not-so-good teams in college football.  Creating a new division out of the FBS cream-of-the-crop may not be as insane or far off as people may think.  After Savannah State and Bethune-Cookman and Florida A&M laid eggs this past weekend, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear more conferences join the Big Ten in not scheduling those teams ever again.  We aren’t talking about North Dakota State or Montana or James Madison or the other FCS powers.  The bottom of the FCS rung shouldn’t be scheduled against ranked FBS teams.  It becomes a sad state of affairs.  And something I won’t put on my PVR.  Speaking of my PVR…

Do you feel lucky, punk?

Why yes, yes I do.  I had the luck of putting three games that ended up being quite good ones on the PVR on Saturday.  It started with the insanity that was Pitt-Duke.  Hilariously incompetent defense from both teams led to a wildly entertaining game for me (not the defensive coordinators though).  Then I had Michigan State-Notre Dame.  Sometimes bad refereeing makes things exciting.  You never know what will be called next.  Pass interference on a kickoff?  It wouldn’t have surprised me.  And finally, the Holy War was a great game despite the fact I was just waiting for Taysom Hill to go all Longhorn and run for 300 yards and it never happened.  Oh well.  Bad schedule, but excitement in the games.  I was happy…enough.

I can admit when I was wrong

OK last week, a few of the teams who I thought would be wildly successful who, instead, decided “Fuck that noise, I’m gonna suck this year.”  This week, the exact opposite.  These teams bug me because they shouldn’t be that good (and why?  Because I said so that’s why).

Iowa – After they lost the opener to NIU, I grinned and said to myself “Good on calling the Hawkeyes to finish 1-11 this season.”  Wow, am I ever looking stupid for making that prediction.  A 3-1 start and they actually look quite potent.  Yes it was only Western Michigan but they beat the ever-loving shit out of them.  This was so far from close it wasn’t even funny.  Saying that, they still could lose their last eight and finish 3-9.  It would relieve me a bit to see my prediction be closer to reality.  Part of me thinks they may go to a bowl this year though.

Illinois – Sweet baby Jesus, what is in the Big Ten water this year?  How does this team start 2-1?  Tim Beckman is doing a phenomenal job in Champaign and should be up for coach of the year even if they just go bowling.  They should be nowhere near the .500 mark but they may end up surprising and doing just that.

Auburn – Even though they looked like who we thought they were (hello Dennis Green!), they are still 3-1 to start the year and Nick Marshall looks like quite the QB.  Now they have to somehow pull out at least two more SEC victories to go bowling.  Not an easy feat in that conference.

Utah – Kyle Whittingham has the Utes going the right way.  3-1 to start the year with a win over arch-rival BYU.  Life is good…and will stay good if they can somehow eek out some Pac-12 wins.  However, they will have to win one (and probably only one) of the following games: vs. UCLA, vs. Stanford, at Arizona, at USC, vs. Arizona State, at Oregon.  My prediction feels safe on this one.

Coming Up

Everything that college football didn’t have this past weekend (read: important matchups) is what college football has in spades this week.  No less than four HUGE matchups for the college football fan this coming weekend.  My PVR is sure to get a workout and I will have to make some tough choices on game selection this coming Saturday.  Later on in the week, TV schedules.  For now, I will just feel good that my tenuous Ohio State-Georgia BCS Championship prediction can still happen.


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