College Football

Week 2 Recap…sponsored by Rogers Sportsnet and their, ahem, “extensive” NCAA coverage

Wow, they are sure blowing everyone away with the amount of games they are showing.  Question: why get the contract to show FOX broadcasts of college football games and then not show any of them?  Just to make sure TSN doesn’t get it?  Newsflash: they don’t want it anyway.

Anyway, time for the week 2 college football recap of fun and frolic.

Three yards and a cloud of…oh, you want another 500 yards tacked on?  Sure, why not.

So yes, I was a little bit miffed to see the Texas-BYU game delayed by weather.  Don’t want to point out the obvious but two BYU games in a row delayed by lightning?  Don’t see that happening anywhere else…you can come to your own conclusions…I know I have.

Anyway, so at first I was pissed.  However, I am glad I didn’t get the whole game.  Where did the Longhorn defenders learn to tackle?  That was a disgusting (or dominating, depending on the view point) display put on Saturday night up in Provo.  And to think, I picked the Horns to win the Big 12 and go to the Fiesta Bowl.  Thanks to the wackiness of FBS football, that can still happen…easily.

As for the most important two games of the weekend…

they turned out to be two of the best games of the weekend.  Georgia (my SEC championship pick) looked solid against South Carolina and Michigan played quite well against the Irish.  I still don’t see the Wolverines winning more than nine games but you never know.  If they look this good, they may pull an upset or two and we will be talking about Devin Gardner and his brand spanking new #98 as a Heisman contender.  Then again, we may end up saying the same thing about one of the most underrated QBs in the land, Aaron Murray.  OK, calm down, there’s still a lot of football left to play.

So who replaces Kiffin?  Who replaces Mack Brown?

Should we just throw a dart at a dartboard to see which job Bobby Petrino gets?  He is almost certain to land one of these gigs, it’s just a matter of which one.  Kiffin is as good as gone and Mack’s hot seat just got a lot hotter.  And for all the people who say “just replace Kiffin with Ed Orgeron”, just please shut the fuck up, for your sake.  Orgeron: good coordinator, bad head coach.

PVR rant o’ the week

I love my PVR.  I really do.  I just dislike how you have to program them based on the Rogers or Bell channel guides.  I am now getting close to hating it since I have found out that in some parts of Europe they have created PVRs where a game, in its entirety, will always be recorded.  No matter if it ends 45 minutes early or goes to a seventh overtime.  This comes from the way the signals are sent when it comes to sporting events.  I’m as technical as a person who thought Colecovision was the shit so I don’t know the details.  But that has to get to North America.  Like, yesterday.

This coming week on the viewing schedule

Finally.  FINALLY!  I took just a cursory glance at what us Canadians (and most specifically southern Ontarians..Ontariites?  Ontarioers?) will see with the tv schedule this week.  Looks like close to 30 games broadcast from Thursday through Saturday night.  Nice to finally have some choice.  Then again, none of this choice seems to come from Sportsnet.  No Thursday night game on 360 because we really need to see the absolutely god-awful Toronto Blue Jays play meaningless September ball for the 20th consecutive season.  And then on Saturday night they have the audacity to show Ohio State-Cal…which is already on FOX anyway.  I mean, when you are second rate in college football coverage to TSN you know there’s a problem.

I will have a good update probably tomorrow as to scheduling lists.  Right now, Thursday night looks like TCU-Texas Tech and Troy-Arkansas State on the sports packs and a D-II showdown between Chadron State and West Texas A&M on CBS Sports Network.  Get your PVRs ready as you’re going to have make some choices on Saturday!

Finally, some thanks to Josh over at A Rouge Point ( for the Twitter shoutout.  You want Canadian sports media news?  That’s the place to go.  Plus he seems to like soccer if you’re into that.


2 thoughts on “Week 2 Recap…sponsored by Rogers Sportsnet and their, ahem, “extensive” NCAA coverage

  1. Same thing next Thursday night. Instead of Sportsnet showing the ESPN Thursday Night College Football game, they are showing the Blow Jays on One & 360. THAT’S sad & pathetic.

  2. Yes. The brilliant heads of programming at Sportsnet decided to put the Jays on not one, but two different channels at the same time. To me that is completely asinine and makes absolutely no sense.

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