College Football

Week One recap…sponsored by those dicks sitting behind me at the hockey game yesterday

Yeah, you.  Fucking idiots, way to ruin a fairly nice outing.  Thankfully it was preseason and the tickets were cheap (read: free).

Alright kids, enough of that, it’s time for a bit of recappin!

What a crazy first week of the college football season.  To be honest, I thought it would be somewhat boring but many teams and players made it exciting thanks to their grit, determination, and ineptitude.

Holy FCS, Batman!

We always expect one or two FCS teams to beat an FBS team.  We laugh and joke about it and then forget about it because the latest story about Johnny Football and the deuce he just dropped has hit the wires.  Then comes this past weekend.  Holy-Mary-Mother of God.  Let’s list the, um, transgressions:

  • Towson 33, Connecticut 18
  • Southern Utah 22, South Alabama 21
  • Samford 31, Georgia State 21
  • North Dakota State 24, Kansas State 21
  • McNeese State 53, USF 21 (53-21?  What in the hell?)
  • Eastern Illinois 40, San Diego State 19 (OK this is getting out of hand)
  • Northern Iowa 28, Iowa State 20
  • And then, the kicker…Eastern Washington 49, #25 Oregon State 46

It was like Bizarro World out there.  And to top it off, the Beavers lose and give up almost a 50-spot to Eastern Washington?  Wow, this has officially gotten crazy!

This makes me believe that Division 4 may not be so far off and may not be as much of a kick to the nuts as many may think.  Let me explain…the gap between the worst 30 FBS schools and the best 30 FCS schools is quickly narrowing to the point you can’t tell them apart anymore.  And when FCS schools are beating the likes of UConn, Oregon State, USF, and San Diego State then unless a boatload of FCS schools move up to the FBS, we need another solution.  Either that or we split the two divisions into three and be done with it (although that’s basically the same as this Division 4 proposal).

Surprises and Disappointments

A few of the week one surprises and disappointments:

  • Surprise: FCS schools.  See above.  Plus a few teams kept things close in their games.
  • Disappointment: Boise State.  I would put Washington as a surprise but I think this makes more sense.  Boise played badly.  Washington is a dark-horse contender for the Pac-12 North title.  Boise is favoured by many to win the Mountain West.  Things may be tougher than they seem in Idaho for Chris Petersen et al.
  • Surprise: Cal.  Sonny Dykes has almost immediately made Cal competitive, taking Northwestern to the limit this past Saturday night.  Speaking of that…
  • Disappointment: Pat Fitzgerald*.  I put an asterisk there becuase no one can be sure of this.  However, when that many defensive players get “injured” in the second half of a close game, something seems fishy.  It wasn’t humid, it wasn’t in overtime.  I’d be very disappointed if it were true that Fitzgerald was trying to buy some time for his defense.
  • Surprise: Louisville…kind of.  Ohio was supposed to be pretty good and could still be good in the MAC.  But the Cards absolutely dominated this one.  It started to look a bit like the Oregon-Nicholls State game.
  • Disappointment: Ohio State, LSU, and USC.  Three teams that are supposed to be very good this year and didn’t look nearly as dominating in week one.  I will give Les Miles a pass since TCU played well and are also fairly good.  But tOSU and USC should have destroyed their opponents and looked absolutely pedestrian this past weekend.

Other Crap

  • For your information, the Bell NCAA Sports package is quite nice thank you very much.  As much as I enjoy hearing Musberger and Herbstreit drone on about whatever, it’s refreshing to hear other play-by-play and colour commentator voices.  I just wish they did that in the NCAA Football video game series.  Too late for that now.
  • I just wish Kevin Sumlin had slapped Johnny Manziel in the face.  That would have been great television.  I don’t think Manziel did anything wrong with the autograph thing but please don’t act like a complete cock about it on the field.  Besides, most of the Rice players are smarter than you so shut up already and just do what you do best…play football.
  • I don’t totally agree with the idea of not scheduling FCS schools.  Considering what happened this past week, as a fan, who would you like to see a mid-level FBS team play: Akron or North Dakota State?  I think there should be some tweaking to this.  First, if you want to play an FCS school, go ahead, but only one.  Second, these have to be scheduled before the end of September.  Nothing irks me more than the Alabama All-Stars playing Georgia Southern in late November.  Finally, there has to be a way to include these in strength of schedule for rankings.  There is a difference between playing Eastern Washington and playing Savannah State.
  • Hey did you know that Notre Dame is playing Michigan next week?  It was only mentioned five thousand times.  Considering South Carolina plays Georgia earlier in the day, which one is really the bigger game?

Next up is scheduling for this coming week.  Hopefully it’s at least a tiny bit easier to gather the information in a timely manner than last week’s fun times.


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