college football TV schedule

Let the games begin!

My previous post showed the schedule for college football games for week one this season.  I will now update you and confirm some times for tonight (and perhaps tomorrow night as well).  I am also trying to give scheduling news for people outside my area (Guelph and the Tri-Cities) although it’s not as easy to find as local coverage news obviously.

OK as for tonight, here is the schedule:

August 29, 2013 Thursday North Carolina at South Carolina 6:00 PM SN360
August 29, 2013 Thursday Tulsa at Bowling Green 7:00 PM ESPNU
August 29, 2013 Thursday UNLV at Minnesota 7:00 PM BTN
August 29, 2013 Thursday Ole Miss at Vanderbilt 9:15 PM SN360
August 29, 2013 Thursday Rutgers at Fresno State 10:30 PM ESPNU
August 29, 2013 Thursday USC at Hawaii 11:00 PM CBSSN

Everything above is confirmed.  Rogers customers get the BTN games and unfortunately Bell customers do not.  The specialty channel listings will be as follows for tonight:

  Rogers SSP Bell Fibe Bell Satellite
Tulsa at Bowling Green 432-SD, 472-HD 391-SD, 1463-HD 397-SD, 1536-HD
Rutgers at Fresno State 432-SD, 472-HD 391-SD, 1463-HD 397-SD, 1536-HD

Here are the confirmed times for Friday games (as of now):

August 30, 2013 Friday Morgan State at Army 7:00 PM CBSSN
August 30, 2013 Friday FAU at Miami 8:00 PM ESPNU
August 30, 2013 Friday Texas Tech at SMU 8:00 PM ESPN
August 30, 2013 Friday Western Michigan at Michigan State 8:00 PM BTN

I have channel listings for Rogers SSP and Bell Satellite NCAA pack, but no Fibe listings for Friday night yet. I will update when I get them.

Update: Just got in contact with someone from Bell about the NCAA Sports package. Tonight’s games are just previews at this point. They have no information and one person I spoke with says Bell may not have the package at all this year. Again, I will keep updating this situation as it goes. It would be very unfortunate (and piss me off a lot) if Bell wasn’t offering this.
Update #2: Decided to call in and ask the same thing about the NCAA Sports package. All of a sudden they say the dates on the website are wrong and that I should see the first game at 7:00 (Tulsa-Bowling Green) and if nothing is there I should call and cancel the package immediately. This should be an interesting evening…

Final Update for the evening: NCAA Sports Package works (thank God!). Too bad Tulsa-Bowling Green was a blowout. Hopefully Rutgers-Fresno State turns out to be a good game; however, to be honest, right now I am glued to Vandy-Ole Miss. 🙂


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