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I promise…if I did have a vote for the Heisman Trophy I wouldn’t vote for the backup left guard from Georgia State

Final prediction post today.  Nothing to do with teams and all to do with individual players.  This post will contain my predictions about the Heisman Trophy race this season.  With no clear front-runner and what looks like at least 6 rock-solid contenders for the honour, it should be an interesting race this season.  Here is my order of finish in the Heisman race:

  1. Braxton Miller, Ohio State – I predicted (in an earlier post) that Ohio State would win the national championship.  And this is the man that will lead them there.  I expect a breakout season (even though he had a pretty good one last year) from Miller and maybe even some comparisons to another exciting quarterback from a few years ago named RGIII.
  2. Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M – Unfortunately for Johnny Autograph, unless he improves on his previous season in a major way, he is destined to be another in the long line of college football legends to fail to win the Heisman two times in a row.  Voters will probably be apt not to vote him the winner unless it’s a no-brainer.  Archie Griffin, your streak continues.
  3. Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville – The man who should be the number one quarterback taken in next year’s NFL draft will make this the closest top three in recent Heisman memory.  Problem is he (along with his team) will suffer due to their unbelievably easy schedule.
  4. Jadeveon Clowney, South Carolina – Easily the best defensive player in the country and a player who has an outside shot at winning this trophy.  If the Gamecocks get into the BCS, expect him to get a lot of talk as a Heisman possibility and number-one overall draft pick in the spring.
  5. Marqise Lee, USC – Possibly a surprise this high on the list.  I think he will be the major (but not only) reason USC comes back from the dead this year and becomes a Pac-12 contender again.
  6. Aaron Murray, Georgia – This time the final pass won’t be a few yards short.  I see Georgia in the BCS championship and Murray the quarterback who gets them there.
  7. AJ McCarron, Alabama – A fantastic college QB who might struggle in the NFL, he’s a guy who jumps up this list if the Tide make it back to the BCS championship game again.
  8. Lache Seastrunk, Baylor – This guy has said he will win the Heisman this season.  Maybe not, but I’d be surprised if he wasn’t considered one of the best running backs this season.
  9. Marcus Mariota, Oregon – Another guy who would benefit from a BCS bowl invite who is down the list because it might not happen.
  10. Derek Carr, Fresno State – Last year it was Jordan Lynch.  This year it will be Derek Carr and I believe he is better than Lynch was.  He should throw about 70 times a game and lead the Bulldogs to the BCS.

Honourable mention

  • Tajh Boyd, Clemson
  • Taylor Martinez, Nebraska
  • Jordan Lynch, Northern Illinois
  • Logan Thomas, Virginia Tech
  • Kyle Van Noy, BYU

My next post should be on the first week’s TV schedule.  I have an earlier post that discussed the probable week one broadcasts.  I hope to have the times set for week one of the season although getting info for the specialty college football packages is still rather difficult.  Either way, I will have a post by the end of the weekend on this for all the Canadian (and specifically, Ontario) college football fans.

3 thoughts on “I promise…if I did have a vote for the Heisman Trophy I wouldn’t vote for the backup left guard from Georgia State

  1. Nice post – Tajh Boyd outside the top 10? If he can win 2 out of 3 against Georgia, South Carolina & Florida State (or go 1 of 3 and look great in all), he’ll fly up the rankings. I agree that Braxton and Bridgewater are strong candidates.

    1. You could probably move Boyd into the top 10 and replace any of the bottom 6 guys. Tbh, if he somehow gets the Tigers to win all three he may be the true darkhorse contender this year. Thanks for the comment! Love your blog by the way!

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