college football TV schedule

Get ready ladies. You too can have that gross Musberger gawk at you in the stands (and make you an overnight sensation)

CBS was first.  Now comes ABC.  An early look at where you can find Brent Musberger, Kirk Herbstreit, not Erin Andrews, and all the other college football crews ABC employs (yes, even Matt Millen).  I wonder who Brent will ogle in the stands this year…

Now remember this is the Canadian view, and more specifically the southern Ontario view of the ABC schedule.  So all you Americans with your ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPNews, The Ocho, and Fox Sports 1 through 25 can rest assured you will get way more games than us on the television.

August 31Mississippi State vs. Oklahoma State (in Houston) or Penn State vs. Syracuse (in East Rutherford) (3:30); Georgia at Clemson (8:00)

September 7Oregon at Virginia (3:30)

September 14UCLA at Nebraska (Noon); Tennessee at Oregon (3:30); Notre Dame at Purdue (8:00)

September 21Purdue at Wisconsin (3:30)

September 28Iowa at Minnesota or Virginia at Pittsburgh (3:30); Wisconsin at Ohio State (8:00)

October 5Illinois at Nebraska (Noon); Minnesota at Michigan or Maryland at Florida State or Georgia Tech at Miami (3:30); Ohio State at Northwestern (8:00)

October 12Oregon at Washington or Boston College at Clemson (3:30)

October 19Purdue at Michigan State or Duke at Virginia (Noon); Iowa at Ohio State (3:30); Florida State at Clemson (8:00)

October 26Texas at TCU (3:30); Penn State at Ohio State (8:00)

November 2Oklahoma State at Texas Tech (Noon); Michigan at Michigan State or Wisconsin at Iowa or North Carolina at NC State (3:30); Miami at Florida State (8:00)

November 9Virginia Tech at Miami or Illinois at Indiana (Noon); Nebraska at Michigan (3:30); Notre Dame at Pittsburgh (8:00)

November 16Michigan at Northwestern (3:30); Michigan State at Nebraska (8:00)

November 23Nebraska at Penn State (3:30); California at Stanford (8:00)

November 29Iowa at Nebraska (Noon); South Florida at UCF (3:30)

November 30Ohio State at Michigan (Noon); Florida State at Florida or Penn State at Wisconsin (3:30); UCLA at USC (8:00)

December 7USF at Rutgers or Memphis at Connecticut or Conference USA Championship Game (Noon); Oklahoma at Oklahoma State (3:30); ACC Championship Game (8:00)


  • All the times for these games are EST.
  • There’s a large Big Ten presence on the ABC network schedule this year.  Almost half the scheduled games (22 out of 48 at this point) look like they will be Big Ten games.
  • For people in southern Ontario, they get one of two ABC feeds; either Detroit or Buffalo.  For the most part, they get the same ABC games, but every so often one will get a game that appears on, let’s say, ESPN2 in the other market.
  • In the nine spots where there seems to be more than one option for which ABC game will be televised, it is pretty much assumed that in this area, the Big Ten game will be chosen.  The only exceptions would be October 12 (I expect BC-Clemson) and December 7.  For the December selection, if a Conference USA team is in, let’s say, the top 15 and in the conference championship, I assume ABC would take that game, as this team would have a shot at a BCS bowl (like with Houston two seasons ago).  If not, the C-USA game goes probably to ESPN2 and USF-Rutgers is shown in our area.

People outside of Ontario probably don’t know this but up until about ten years ago, the only games we would get would be the games on CBS, Notre Dame on NBC, 1-2 ABC games, and maybe a game on TSN (simsubbed from ESPN).  That’s it.  So five games, tops.  Would have made my work on the blog when it comes to the TV schedules VERY easy.  Slowly that has changed and now with the advent of the special sports packages, people in this region can enjoy from 20-40 games to select from a week.

Next up…predictions!  Finally!


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