A trip in the way-back machine….

OK so it’s not a long time ago.  Last year to be exact.  July 5, 2012.  I sent an email to a friend of mine detailing my way-too-early NFL predictions for the year.  I was cleaning out my emails and noticed it sitting there and thought I would take a look at it.  I am actually quite surprised at what I put.  Here is the original email as I sent it:

From: Mike  Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2012 11:55 AM To: D Subject: way too early nfl picks
Hey D,
I’m bored at work (and about half our staff is in a meeting down the hall so I think an airplane could fly through here).  So I thought I would do my way too early NFL predictions for the season.  Chances are I will be totally wrong (like last season when I picked the Eagles to beat the Chargers in the Super Bowl….yikes).  I can give more analysis later but here are the predictions as of right now.
AFC East
New England    11-5
Buffalo               8-8
NY Jets              8-8
Miami                5-11
AFC North
Pittsburgh        11-5
Baltimore         10-6
Cincinnati         8-8
Cleveland          4-12
AFC South
Houston            12-4
Tennessee          6-10
Indianapolis       4-12
Jacksonville        2-14
AFC West
Denver            11-5
San Diego        10-6
Kansas City      6-10
Oakland           6-10
NFC East
Philadelphia        10-6
NY Giants           10-6
Dallas                   9-7
Washington         7-9
NFC North
Green Bay          14-2
Detroit                10-6
Chicago               9-7
Minnesota           3-13
NFC South
Atlanta                10-6
Carolina              10-6
New Orleans       8-8
Tampa Bay           5-11
NFC West
San Francisco        11-5
Seattle                    6-10
Arizona                  6-10
St. Louis                4-12
AFC Wild Card
Baltimore (WC) def. New England
San Diego (WC) def. Denver
NFC Wild Card
Philadelphia def. Carolina (WC)
Atlanta def. NY Giants (WC)
AFC Divisional Playoffs
Houston def. San Diego
Baltimore def. Pittsburgh
NFC Divisional Playoffs
Philadelphia def. Green Bay
San Francisco def. Atlanta
AFC Championship
Houston def. Baltimore
NFC Championship
San Francisco def. Philadelphia
Super Bowl
Houston def. San Francisco
I know you’ll probably rip me on some of the picks.  So have at er!
So first of all, yes I did pick Philadelphia to face San Diego two years ago in the Super Bowl.  Ouch!  What fucking terrible picks.  Like seriously fucking awful.  I could wager a guess that even Chris Schultz of TSN would have looked at that and shook that huge head of his in shame (and then laid his even bigger hands on me and thrown me out of the building).  So, yeah, let’s not talk about that again.
But how about my picks for the final four last year?  Other than Philadelphia (damn Eagles), I think I did pretty damn good.  Also choosing Green Bay, Atlanta, New England, and Denver makes me give myself a nice pat on the shoulder for a job well done (7 out of 12 teams picked correctly).
Also got close with the Giants, Steelers, and Chargers.
I think in a few days I will do this same exercise again ON THIS VERY BLOG!  And if I do poorly I can bury this post (and the next one with the predictions) and swear to God that this never happened.

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